• MC asked if there’s a chance to sing ballad songs, who will they choose for their duet. (With girls) Jungkook chose IU-sunbaenim, he also said that he really likes IU’s voice, and he’s practising guitar lately. Rap Mon chose Younha-sunbaenim, he really like her since predebut.
  • Jungkook said that when V is sleeping, his snores are the loudest, and he would apologise on the second day to every one. Their beds are divided into three (double deckers): Rap Mon & SUGA, JIMIN & V, J-HOPE & JIN, leaving Jungkook alone with his single bed. And that his bed arrived the latest, Jungkook said that the members who sleeps at the second floor will often lie on their own beds to rest.
  • Jungkook said that if he has a chance to, he would like to try acting. Since he’s good at his dialect, he acted out a little scene with the MC using their

    MC: Oppa, how am I?
    Jungkook: Annoying!

    Everyone also agreed that the most suitable member for acting is JIN, and that he’s suitable for the role of a
    “Church Oppa”

  • Rap Monster said that he is very close to GOT7’s member Jackson. He also added that Jackson’s very goodlooking and is very good at dancing.
  • Jungkook said that he has a brother who’s two years older is getting ready for the National Service, and Rap Monster said he has a younger sister who is three years younger, making her the same age as Jungkook. MC asked if he would like to introduce her to Jungkook, Rap Monster answered that there’s no chances of it. MC asked if they’re (Rap Mon & his sis) look alike, Rap Monster answered that there are many things they are different, and also she’s more girly.
    Jungkook said it’s lucky that they aren’t alike. Jimin then added that he has a brother who is about Jungkook’s age.